Are your muscles crying out for help? The Somerset Myotherapy Group is here to the rescue. Our founder and certified myotherapist, Febie Cheng, can end your pain and restore your strength in no time.



Restores optimal health through manual therapy.  Manual medicine concentrating on the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated pathologies.  For the treatment of chronic or acute conditions and preventative management, it includes an integrated therapeutic approach and physical evaluation to work on the affected joints, muscles, nerves and associated viscera.


Myotherapy is beneficial for musculoskeletal conditions resulting from poor biomechanics, improper posture and injury and can help to treat:

- Tennis Elbow or Shin Splints - Occupational Injuries - Jaw Pain - Shoulder Pain - Archilles Tendonopathy and other ankle injuries -  Back Pain - Muscle Pain - Sciatic Pain - Sports Injuries - Headache - Neck Pain - Rotator Cuff problems - Poor Posture - Joint pain such as Shoulder Impingement Syndrome, Neural pain such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.


Our Services & Therapeutic Approach include:

- Myotherapy - Massage (Deep Tissue , Remedial, Relaxation, Sports, Pregnancy)  - Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Exercise Therapy - Myofascial Dry Needling, - Cupping


Febie completed her degree at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and also works at a nursing home. She learnt the science of therapeutic massage from her martial arts teacher, whom she assisted at a Chinese chiropractor’s clinic while living in Hong Kong in the 80s.

Febie has an extraordinary way of gaining insight into her clients’ needs. Her good grasp of Western medicine is also a contributing factor to the effectiveness of her musculoskeletal treatments. She combines this with her holistic healing techniques to improve the condition of her clients.



For more information, please contact FEBIE 0416 576 971 or Email